For ESL Learners – Fruitcake – A Christmas Tradition and a Joke

Nut cake is a conventional American and Canadian Christmas food – yet it’s customary in a bizarre manner. The vast majority don’t care for it, yet it’s aspect of each Christmas.


Nut cake is a weighty, rich cake made with loads of sugar, spread, and eggs. For instance, a nut cake formula in The White House Cookbook requires some margarine, some sugar, and four eggs. A few plans use upwards of seven eggs.


Dried organic products, similar to raisins, give nut cake its name. Cherries and lemon strip protected in sugar are additionally utilized regularly. So are nuts.


My class once read a Betty funny cartoon where the fundamental character was heating. Her significant other came in and started to taste the fixings. It was clear he loved them all. Be that as it may, when Betty revealed to him she was making nut cake, he stated, “I scorn nut cake.” Visit – ประเพณีที่น่ากลัว


For what reason do individuals feel so emphatically about this dish? Possibly this is on the grounds that preferences have changed since nut cake was well known. Individuals are not, at this point used to sweet, rich food – or possibly they know it’s not beneficial. Additionally, since we can get new organic product throughout the entire year, dried natural product tastes abnormal to numerous individuals.


The individuals who like nut cake truly like it. It might bring back cheerful recollections for them. A Christmas Memory, a short story by the renowned American essayist Truman Capote, begins with a little kid and his old cousin making nut cake together. For them, this is the start of the Christmas season.


Others are not all that nostalgic about nut cake. They appreciate ridiculing it. At any rate two American towns – Manitou Springs, Colorado, and Fairmont, Minnesota – have yearly occasions where individuals toss nut cakes. Individuals contend to see who can toss them the longest separation.


Nut cake is frequently given as a Christmas present, despite the fact that the vast majority don’t need it. You may hear individuals joke about offering it to those they don’t care for.

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