Gardening Around the Garage Adds Value and Curb Appeal

Many homeowners ignore the driveway and areas around garage door entries when landscaping around the exterior of the house. While it is important to not clutter driveways with so much stuff that it impedes the utility of the area, simple landscaping and gardening can turn the driveway into a lovely area for children to ride bikes, blow bubbles, color with chalk, or play basketball and other games. A little bit of decorating can turn the area around the garage into a useful outdoor room, which adds value and beauty to any home. Read more about garage door repair Lake Worth

Garden planters are an easy and affordable way to add visual interest to any outdoor area. However, any old planter will only make the driveway look like a second thought. Instead, focus on finding planters in various materials that coordinate nicely with the existing garage and garage doors. If the garage structure is grey with red garage doors and other decorative features, plant pots in grey, red, and one other coordinating color of the homeowner’s choosing will tie the whole look together and create a cohesive looking outdoor area. If replacement garage doors are in order, use the old door to create visual interest by separating the sections and painting them to coordinate with the garage structure. Bolt the sections together to create a garden planter then use the planter near the garage door. This is an inexpensive way to create unique planters, reuse materials (the best form of recycling), and add a lot of visual interest.

Because driveways are utilitarian areas of the home, and because they often get a lot of sunlight during the day, large planters placed around the driveway area are wonderful for planting garden vegetable plants in to grow. Tomato plants grow tall and create an attractive batch of green, red, and yellow colors. Hot chili pepper plants do not grow very tall, but the colors that are available (even purple!) are visually interesting and the way the peppers dangle off the plant is often reminiscent of tiny lanterns.

Garden pots are also a great place to stick solar powered landscaping lights to add safety to the garage area. When the family arrives unexpectedly late and the electric lights have been left off, solar powered lamps and lanterns add enough light to help people move around safely. They also add a pleasant glow to illuminate the area when games run long into dusk.

Gardening around garage doors and driveway areas creates an attractive outdoor play room. Children will enjoy having the driveway cleaned up and looking nice when neighborhood kids come by for a pick-up game of basketball or to run through the sprinkler. Because the kids are certain to want to spend more time in the driveway, placing a small cafe table and a couple chairs in the area provides comfort for watchful adults to relax. Once it is all in place, a pitcher of lemonade will need to be kept on hand to offer to neighbors who stop by to play.

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